See why Make It Vapor branded premium e-liquid is the best on the market!

Premium Food Grade Ingredients

Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine

FDA Registered Lab & Flavors

High Manufacturing Standards

Make It Vapor uses only premium ingredients to ensure that every bottle is of the highest quality. We start with premium USP Kosher grade vegetable glycerin paired with pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food quality flavor extracts. Yes, we can use cheaper ingredients, however our customers deserve the very best quality e-liquid on the market.

Every bottle of our premium e-liquid is handcrafted in small batches in an ISO certified clean room. This gives us the peace of mind to ensure that our premium e-liquid will be free of contaminants and remain the same high standard of quality every time. Our flavors are extensively formulated, developed and tested in the laboratory for hours, days or even weeks to produce layers of delicious taste in every inhale you take.