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Make the switch from traditional tobacco today!

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8 Reasons to Start Vaping...

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Control over your nicotine intake

Zero combustion

No messy ash, vape indoors

No nasty lingering odor

Try and experiment with delicious flavors

Zero tobacco, carcinogens and tar

No significant level of toxins

Save money (stop buying packs of cigarettes)

Guaranteed support at every single step!

Having a support system with you during any transition is extremely important.  So our staff is trained to assist you in every step of the process including getting started, choosing new flavors, helping with nicotine reduction and making sure you stay on track with your goal of never smoking on another cancer stick ever again!  


Make the switch in as little as 25 minutes at any of our Pennsylvania locations


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Before starting the process of switching you will want to sign up above and receive your 50% OFF starter kit coupon as well as many other discounts and directions on how to sign up for our rewards program.  After you sign up check your email.


Select A Store Location

Stop into any one of our conveniently located Make It Vapor locations and get started vaping today!  We have locations in Dresher, PA, Netown Sqaure, PA and West Chester, PA.  Come in a talk to one of our friendly staff members.  View locations here.


Select Your Device

When you come into any of our locations one of our team members will assist you by asking you questions about your needs and smoking habits to find the right vape device that you can feel comfortable and happy with.


Select A Flavor That You Love!

Pull up a chair at our tasting bar and find your favorite flavor from over 25 options!  We have a wide selection of flavors including fruits desserts, menthol, mints, tobaccos, cereals and much more!  View our Make It Vapor flavor lines by clicking here! 


Select Your Nicotine Level

After you have selected your device and flavor we then need to figure out what nicotine to start you off at.  The average smoker usually starts off at 6MG, but with further information our team will be able to help determine the exact level you should start off with.


Nicotine Reduction Plan

Your final step in the process is to create a nicotine reduction plan.  We can assist you in creating a plan to go from your starting nicotine level down to zero nicotine.  From there all you have to do is kick the hand to mouth motion.

Make It Vapor was created and built by vapers with the goal of providing our customers with affordable great tasting e-juice, unsurpassed customer service and the best vape supplies on the market, and have been doing so for over 4 years.  Our owner, Steve Schmitz opened our first location in Newtown Square, PA to help the residents make the switch and offer the best premium flavors and quality vapor devices.  Shortly after our first location we decided to expand into West Chester, PA and increasing our product and flavor selection.  In late 2017 we opened our most recent store in Dresher, PA, further expanding the selection of products we carry in all of store and began offering our customers third party tested CBD products to help further health and well being of our customers in a natural way.  We have no plan to stop expanding into new areas to help those who need us and will always make sure to hold true to our core values of Products, People and Service.

Our company is committed to helping those looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco to a better alternative.  We all know how tempting cigarettes are and if you live, work or are just passing through Pennsylvania, come check out one of our locations to see how easy the switch to vaping really is.  If interested, the process typically takes only 25 mins and we guarantee before you leave that all your questions are answered and that you will have a better understanding of the vape industry as a whole, the different types of supplies and the flavors we offer.  We get that the process of switching can be difficult and daunting which is why we try to make each step as simple as possible.  We are here to help you better yourself, get started today and SMOKE NO MORE...!


Dresher, PA

Newtown Square, PA

West Chester, PA


"Can't say enough about the owner and staff. Steve is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He will make sure you understand what you are doing, using, and will walk you through whatever questions you may have"

-Michael P.

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JUUL trade in program may not be combined with any other offer or discount.  In order to receive discount for trade in you must relinquish your JUUL device and once done you may no longer receive said device back.  This offer is only valid in store.