Vape Terminology

Learn the terms of Vaping

The terms the vape industry uses could get a little confusing and intimidating so we made this list of vape terminology to help you understand what everything means.


Connect one thread type to a different thread type.

Adjustable Airflow

Control of airflow to atomizer.

All Day Vape (ADV)

Any e-liquid flavor that can be vaped all day long.

American Wire Gauge

United States standard for determining the diameter and resistance of wire used to build coils.

Amperage (AMPS)

Flow of energy along a circuit.

Atomizer (ATTY)

The atomizer is the part of the vaporizer that vaporizes the e-liquid.


The most vital parts of a vaporizer, the battery can be internally charged or externally charged.

Battery Venting

This occurs when a battery is pushed passed its limits and gas is released from battery.

Box Mod

More advanced vape device shaped like a box, that has many more options for different tanks.


A device used to charge dead batteries.


Electronic cigarette that looks similar to traditional tobacco products.


Atomizer that is designed around a clear tank.


Wrapped wire in the form of a coil, which is then used to vaporize e-liquid.

Competition Cap

Mouthpiece or top usually designed with more airflow to create more vapor production.


Bottom part of an atomizer where the negative and positive post are located.


Dripping e-liquid directly onto a coil.


This references a computer chip that is found is some advanced vaporizers.

Drip Tip

Mouthpiece used on the top of an atomizer

Drip Well

Base of atomizer so excess e-liquid with sit there and prevent leakage.

Dry Hit

When vaporizer is fired with no e-liquid, thus burning the dried out cotton.


Liquid that is used in vaporizers, most e-liquid 

Electronic Cigarette

Devices that allows users to receive nicotine through inhaled vapor.


To blow vapor from you mouth.

Flooding/ Flooded

This occurs when to much e-liquid is covering the coils, preventing the coil from breathing.

Food and Drug Admin

Branch of the US government that oversees all food and drug products.

High Resistance

Resistance higher than average, usually above 3.0 ohms or  higher.


Combination of top part or atomizer with the bottom devices.  Making one unit.


To pull vapor through the mouth.


Unit of power used typically in temperature control units. 

Kanthal Wire

Wire typically used in wide range of resistance and high temperature applications.

Low Resistance

Resistance lower than average, usually about 1.5 ohms or lower.

Lung Hit

Inhaling vapor directly into lung, bypassing mouth.


Manually activated device.

Mechanical Mod

Vape device that relies solely on the battery of the device completing the circuit.

Millagrams (MG)

Unit of measurement for how much nicotine is in a bottle.  Typically 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg.

Milliliters (mL)

The amount of liquid in a given container or bottle.


A device designed that has been designed more then your standard electronic cigarette.

Mouth Hit

Pulling vapor into your mouth first before pulling vapor down into lungs.

Nichrome Wire

Resistance wire made from nickel and chromium, one of the most popular for vape coils,

Nickel Wire

Corrosive resistance and typically good for temperature controlled devices.


Alkaloid found in tobacco and other plants.

Nicotine Strength

The strength of nicotine in a particular e-liquid, typically 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg.


Visual display typically found on more advanced vaporizer devices.


Standard unit of electrical resistance.

Organic Cotton

Cleaner and purer form of cotton perfect for wicking coils.

Parallel Mod  

Device that has batteries that are wired parallel to one another.


Device that plugs directly into USB port and allows user to vape while charging.


Positive and negative posts inside atomizer that allow the coil to complete the electrical circuit.


The process of soaking new coil with e-liquid to prevent a dry hit on initial fire.

Propylene Glycol

Base of most e-liquids, used to thin out liquid.

Rebuildable Atomizer

Designed to reduce the cost of vaping by building your own coils and installing them in atomizer.


Hybrid between a tank and a rebuildable atomizer.


Measurement of ohms that allows you to calculate the right amount of voltage to get best wattage.

Starter Kit

Comes with everything necessary to start vaping.  Usually with the device and atomizer.


Letting e-liquid sit for a period of time.


Increase current from battery using ohms law.


Container used to store e-liquid on top of vape device.

Temperature Control

Control true temperature produced by coil.

Thermal Runway

Rare and serious, occurs when chain reaction results in fire and bursting of battery. 

Throat Hit

Harshness felt in back of throat when vaporizer is hit.

Titanium Wire

Soft consistency and much harder to work with.  Acts as alternative to nichrome.

Topping Off

To completely fill e-liquid tank.

Tube Mod

Vape device that carry's shape of a tube usually uses 1 external 18650 battery.


Someone who uses an electronic cigarette.

Vapers Tongue 

Occurs when a specific flavor is used to often taste buds loose their taste for flavor.

Variable Voltage

Any vape device that you allows you to control output of voltage.

Variable Wattage

Any vape device that allows you to control the wattage of device.

Vegetable Gylcerin

Main base of most e-liquids.

Ventilation Holes

Holes made it device to create venting for the gases and heat of battery.


Amount of heat vape device uses to vaporize e-liquid from coil.


Used to deliver e-liquid to the coil for vaporization.


One revolution of wire when building coils.